Winelands Tour


The tour to end ALL tours!



Date: 7 - 10 March 2022

Time: 07:00


For riders only riding on DAY 1---R450.00
For riders riding on all four days—R3 850.00

Entries Close 28 February 2022 at 20:00

Race personnel

Chief Organiser: Anne-Marie Storm Buys------082 617 6226
Safety Officer:  Ewoud Botha------079 508 0193
Marketing: Mauritz Meyer
Website: Anneke Weber
Entries TBC
Timing: TBC

There will be a maximum of 2 people in the team vehicle and both are to have the relevant approvals and certification by CSA.  Anyone in a team car not adhering to this will cause the team support to be removed from the race.

The maximum height allowable for a follow vehicle is 1,66 m.  Vehicles with a roof height of more than this will not be allowed.
Food vendors and Merchandisers

All food vendors will be compliant with legislative requirements.

General provision

This is an annual road cycling race.

This race will conform to the regulations currently in place to address the COVID19 pandemic, as promulgated by the South African Government and as updated from time to time.

Registration and entry

Entries for day one is open to all cyclists. Come and enjoy the day.

The Tour will be from the Sunday till the Wednesday
Tour race entries will only be for participants from junior level and upwards

There will be NO entries on the day of the race. Collection of numbers only.
Only cyclists with valid CSA memberships will be allowed to enter the race.

Day licenses will be available at the new cost of R 50 each.

Race categories

We have restrictions in terms of the number of participants in a start group, this number being 50 people at present and a total of 2000 persons present in total.

  • Individual Race
  • We will need at least 20 ladies entering to make this feasible.

Only Road bikes are admit on the Tour TIMES

Daily starts for each stage:

  • 07.00:  Open/Seeded
  • 07:05   Junior, U23
  • 07.10:  Ladies, Girls
  • 07.15:  Vets 50 +
  • 07.20:  Vets 40 + Elite Ladies
  • 07.25:  Vets 30 +
  • 07.30:  Elite Men

After the race

There is a special medal waiting for the riders who complete every days route.

  • There will be a podium for prize giving and the man and lady winners will receive also their yellow jersey.
  • The yellow jersey is waiting for YOU

Race Village requirements

  • Foot-operated hand sanitiser units will be available round the venue.
  • Signage to be rigged indicating that all people attending the race will be required to wear a facemask while on site.
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided.

Race venue

  • All people present are to institute a 1,5 m social distance between themselves.
  • If a participant, support staff or official shows signs of and COVID19 symptoms he/she will not be allowed to proceed to registration and is to leave the race venue immediately.  The registration personnel are to be informed should this happen.
  • All personnel must wear facemasks that cover their nose and mouth at all times.
  • Cyclists remove facemasks when starting with the race.
  • There must be easy access to the hand sanitiser provided by the events management team.

Stage 1

stage1 profile

Stage 1 Profile

stage2 profile

Stage 2 Profile


Stage 3

stage3 profile

Stage 3 Profile


Stage 4

stage4 profile

Stage 4 Profile