January 28, 2020
February 4, 2020


58-year-old Hennie Myburgh is recovering well following the accident in which he and his son Benito were knocked off their bicycles by a vehicle in Pretoria at the weekend.

Myburgh, an amputee who lost his arm in a motorcycle accident, is a regular participant in the Hectic Promotions races and assured the organisation that he will be back on his bike within a month to carry on with his beloved sport.

The accident happened on Saturday afternoon shortly before Myburgh was going to receive his Gauteng North cycling colours at the provincial body’s annual awards banquet, which took place on the same evening.

He was going to take part in the South African national championships next month, but he is now focussed on recovering in time for the Paralympic Games later this year in Tokyo.

“I received ten stitches in the back of my head and my ankle is still heavily swollen. I am very sore, and I have a severe concussion. The back of my helmet is shattered, so there is no doubt that the helmet saved my life,” said Myburgh.

His 15-year-old son, Benito, managed to avoid serious injury with only cuts and bruises on his hands.

According Myburgh the accident happened just after 1pm at Horan’s Neck in Pretoria. “The driver clipped Benito with his side mirror and then hit me full-on,” he said.

“I don’t really know how or why he struck us because he has two versions. At first, he said he didn’t see us and then he said he couldn’t avoid us due to an oncoming vehicle.

“He did, however, stop at the scene and we are engaging with him to reimburse us for our damaged bikes.”

Myburgh is a keen sportsman with Gauteng North colours in cycling, wrestling and archery. “I try and do my best at everything I attempt. I will be back on the bike, hopefully in time for the Paralympic Games,” he said.

“We were very sad when we heard about Hennie and his son. They are familiar faces at our races, and we wish them all the best. We look forward to seeing him back in action again,” said Hectic Promotions owner Mauritz Meyer.

“This accident again reminds us of conditions on the roads for our cyclists. We will continue with our safety awareness drive in Pretoria, which will culminate with the presentation of the Tshwane Diamond Classic on 24 May.”

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