Cycling events non-profit company Hectic Promotions is introducing a new range of “National Pride” medals, which are set to become collector’s items for its 2020 events.

The company presents five annual mass participation cycling events and the motive for the medals this year is “National Pride”. Each event medal features a unique South African flower, insect, bird, animal or building as well as endangered species.

The Joburg Classic medal is in the shape of a King Protea while the Diamond Classic is in the shape of a bee, MTB4CANSA depicts the impressive Blue Crane and Cycle4CANSA the Springbok.

For the big Bestmed Tshwane Classic at the end of the year the design will most certainly instil “National pride”. It’s in the shape of the iconic Union Buildings in Pretoria.

“Over the past few years I’ve come to realise that medal design and manufacturing have become afterthoughts,” said Hectic Promotions owner, Mauritz Meyer. “This year we’re making a renewed effort around the design and manufacturing of the medals.

“We would like the medals to be more than a race remembrance and symbol of achievement. We would like them to become collector’s items.

“We will introduce a new range every year to keep things fresh and make our participants proud to display their medals at home or in the office,” said Meyer.

The new medal designs follow hot on the news that Hectic Promotions are implementing a 10% reduction in all race entry fees for 2020. The reduced entry amounts will be enforced in the Bestmed Tshwane Classic, MTB4CANSA, Cycle4CANSA, Joburg Classic and Diamond Classic.

The first stop-over for the Hectic Promotions organisation is at the Joburg Classic, which takes place on 29 March at the GOG Lifestyle Park in Lanseria. Funds raised at the event are donated to the Cancer Association of South Africa.

All riders and their families receive free entrance into the GOG Lifestyle park and will have access to all the activities offered at the park, which includes a trampoline park, swimming pools, slides, rock climbing and cable slides.

For more info and entries, go to www.hecticpromotions.co.za

For a complete outline of the Hectic Promotions welfare projects, visit www.hecticpromotions.co.za

The new entry fees for the 2020 Hectic Promotions races are:

Joburg Classic 29 March 2020:

95km – R340
45km – R225
20km – R90

Diamond Classic 24 May 2020:

110km – R340
50km – R230

Bestmed Cycle4CANSA 22-23 August 2020

103km Road – R370

70km Road – R280

10km Road – R80

70km MTB – R370

50km MTB – R280

25km MTB – R220

10km MTB – R80

Bestmed Tshwane Classic 1 November 2020

95km – R350
60km – R220
20km – R110

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