Highlighting the plight of South African farmers

The Hectic Promotions non-profit organisation has added an annual gravel-and-road combination cycling race to its portfolio to highlight the challenge South African farmers are facing as a result of farm attacks and droughts in South Africa.

“Farm attacks are continuing unabatedly and, in most instances, farmers are reliant on themselves to keep their families and workers safe because of their remoteness,” said Hectic Promotions owner Mauritz Meyer, announcing that the Fat Sheep Classic will take place over the weekend of 3-4 October 2020 in Delmas.

Meyer believes strongly that the plight of our farmers and their continued dedication to providing South Africa with food security, particularly in our current challenging Coronavirus environment, deserves to be highlighted.

“The nationwide droughts have become very serious in the country, particularly in the Karoo. Farmers are on their knees and many have had to sell their farms or have lost them to the banks.

“Livestock numbers have decreased alarmingly, and there is a real concern that the backlog will lead to food shortages within the next three years.”

Many deserving upliftment projects have seen the light and are making a remarkable contribution to the plight of farmers.

“We have decided to support one such project,” said Meyer. “The Fat Sheep project in the Karoo was started by Chrisma van der Merwe from Murraysburg. She started crocheting the most beautiful sheep soft toys and selling her creations to subsidise their household income.

“Her ‘Fat Sheep’ became so popular that she couldn’t keep up with the demand, which quickly spread beyond the borders of Murraysburg.”

According to Meyer, Chrisma now has a team of farmer’s wives who she employs to assist with the crochet work. With funds made from the project, she is making a remarkable difference in the community of Murraysburg.

“We have decided that the presentation of a gravel and road combination race in Delmas is the next logical extension of our charity driven cycling race presentation platform,” said Meyer.

“Delmas represents a passionate farming community which has sadly been plagued by farm attacks for a long time. It’s a short travel stint for our Gauteng based cyclists and Delmas has access to some sublime gravel road routes,” he said.

With gravel road racing’s ever-increasing in popularity in South Africa, Delmas presents the perfect location to present a gravel road race. Coupled with some great routes, the roads are quiet, which enables easier route control and a safer environment for cyclists.

The gravel road race, which takes place on Saturday, 3 October, will cater for all levels of riders with the 150km, 80km and 20km distances on offer.

According to Meyer, the introduction of a gravel road race into their portfolio comes after extensive consultation with thought leaders and industry stakeholders in South African cycling.

“Popular demand has also played a significant part in the decision – there is a demand for especially ultra-distance gravel road races. Cyclists can complete the gravel road race with either a gravel road bicycle or a mountain bike.”

To cater for traditional road riders, Hectic Promotions will also present a standalone road race on Sunday, 4 October, in addition to the Saturday’s gravel road race. The road race will also offer three distances which will cater for all levels of road riders.

Hectic Promotions currently manages four mass participation cycling events which attract a combined participation total of 14 000 cyclists.

The company’s signature events are the Cycle4CANSA Classic, which is now in its 23rd year of presentation and 2019 saw them present the third edition of the Bestmed Tshwane Classic, which attracted 7 000 cyclists.

“Creating a family friendly environment is extremely important to us and the Fat Sheep Classic will include a kids’ race and an array of activities for children. Our “Goody Bags” for the kids are renowned!

“The Fat Sheep Classic is going to be more than a race. It will constitute a celebration of the human spirit and achievement,” concluded Meyer.

About Hectic Promotions: Hectic Promotions is a registered non-profit corporation and boasts a proven record of accomplishment in presenting mass participation cycling events which fulfil the requirements of sponsors, stakeholders and participants.

It is one of the foremost cycling event organisation companies in South Africa with a long history of presenting prestigious events on the national cycling calendar that benefit several community-based charity projects.

For more info visit www.hecticpromotions.co.za



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