Hectic Promotions Charity projects for 2020 – in collaboration with Cycle4 Food ( a registered NPO), the City of Tshwane and the City of Drakenstein:


The Katjiepiering pre-primary school in Pretoria West is the sole beneficiary of this year’s Tshwane Diamond Classic, which takes place near Cullinan on 24 May.

We have been helping the school for a while now, but they are in a desperate financial position. We have now prioritised the school in our fund raising and all proceeds from the Diamond Classic will be allocated to the school.

Katjiepiering was founded in 1982 as an Article 21 Company and is situated in Hermanstad. It looks after poor kids of all backgrounds in the greater Pretoria West area.

The school is falling through the cracks as a result of the worsening economy and rising unemployment among the parents. There are 61 kids in the school and most of them can’t pay school fees anymore.

The headmaster, Annette Cunniff, and her staff work under immensely challenging circumstances and we would like to assist as much as we can.

In the short term the goal is just to remain open, and they have an overdue account with the City of Tshwane which is a real concern in this regard.

They also provide the kids with healthy meals three times a day, and the sustainability of the feeding scheme is a challenge.

Another need is finding donors who can fund the kids who can’t afford school fees and then we also need funds for salaries and the upkeep of the school.

The kids in the school are aged from 8 months to 6 year-year-olds and the facility has 12 permanent staff.

If their balance sheet doesn’t improve drastically, the school will need to consider letting some personnel go because there simply isn’t enough available in the monthly pot to sustain the staffing needs.

This is not just going to impact negatively on staff, but also on the kids because the quality of the supervision and education will suffer as a result.

We replaced the school’s roof last year and we have continuously been busy with revamping and ensuring the general upkeep of the facility. We would like to keep on making a difference to try and ensure the school’s sustainability.



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  • Recycling:

These unique recycling projects are aimed at assisting needy individuals and communities in providing education and active involvement in recycling to improve their living conditions.

We work on the principle that it’s better to teach someone to fish rather than dishing out food.

Our involvement doesn’t entail simply the dishing out of recycling tools, but rather promoting recycling to the benefit of our environment. We have teamed up with a community of car guards who form part of the Tshwane Recycling Project and actively collect and recycle daily.

These car guards work long hours to try and make a living to support their families. In addition to their “normal” jobs they are also remunerated for their active role in recycling and thereby they assist in keeping our environment green for generations to come.

This project is situated in Lyttleton Road. The recycling area is fenced off to hide it from sight.

This group is well-organised, and our task is now to extend this programme into other communities.

  • Growing vegetables:

Vehicle tyres can’t be recycled because of their high oil content. We have received a donation of 3000 tyres and the Tshwane Metro has made facilities available at clinics where we can teach patients and needy individuals how to grow vegetables in these tyres.

The project kicked off early February last year. The upkeep of the project involves a skilled leader who receives training from us in the sustainable growth of vegetables on an intense, micro scale. We are in the process of setting up a course guide book and the course will be accredited upon completion.

  • Winter Woollies Knitting project:

The knitting project is making wonderful progress. In 2017 our knitting ladies from various old age homes knitted 400 beanies which were handed out at schools during the winter of 2017.

In the winter of 2018 the contribution was 1800 beanies and our aim is to increase this figure to 2500 in 2019.

Besides the delightful beanies which are knitted, the process also provides a feeling of belonging for these otherwise lonely elderly ladies and they have a wonderful sense of contribution to society.

Our need here is for wool. The more wool we can supply the more beanies our ladies can knit.

  • Improving learning ability at schools:

Drs Ryna du Plooy and Louisa Meyer have completed courses required to present this wonderful initiative which is centred around the use of Lego blocks to improve learning ability. Through our cycling initiatives we have built up a strong relationship with the Danish embassy in Pretoria who assist with blocks, which are manufactured in Denmark.

Research has shown that the children’s learning ability increases dramatically through this program and we are very excited with its implementation.

  • Decorating the Tshwane Medical Clinics

We also use the tyres donated to create beautifully sculpted “recycled “decorations for clinics in Tshwane.

We employed a previously unemployed individual, Joseph Ntuli, last year, sent him on a gardening course and funded him to get a drivers’ license.

We provide him with tools, hardware and tyres and pay him a monthly salary and he creates the most beautiful sculptures out of tyres.

He donates his sculptures to the Tshwane Metro which they use to decorate their clinics. The clinics mostly serve the poor and the idea is to liven up the otherwise gloomy atmosphere which governs these clinics to lift patients’ spirits.

The clinics that have benefitted from the upliftment project include Rooihuiskraal, Eldoraigne, Lyttelton and Atteridgeville.

We have also decorated numerous schools in previously disadvantaged areas.

The Tshwane Metro have made two buildings available to the project. We use one as a workshop and the other as storage for completed sculptures.

At first it was a foreign concept for Joseph, but he has become a master and we are even now considering a formal exhibition of his sought-after sculptures.

We would like to train as many unemployed individuals as possible to follow in Joseph’s footsteps. As humanity we all have an obligation to do something for impoverished communities and it’s our task to facilitate this on as large a scale as possible.

  • Free race entry to development riders.

All cycling events presented by us afford free entry for development riders. Over the most recent presentations of the events, we have provided free entry to approximately 1000 riders. A total of 700 previously disadvantaged riders took part in the 2018 Tshwane Classic.

  • Creating further employment opportunities

Our knitting and tyre decoration projects offer training and enterprise opportunities. We would like to teach the skills learnt by Joseph to other unemployed individuals and we would also like to encourage enterprise creation within members of the community by teaching them how to knit and then to sell their knitted creations.

  • Revamping Libraries.

The Tshwane Metro struggles to set aside enough funds for upkeep of their facilities and in the past few years public libraries have really started to decay.  We have completed a revamp of the Eldoraigne Library by fixing ceilings, repainting and establishing a beautiful garden at the library.

  • Huis Mia Paarl.

Huis Mia Paarl is a temporary safe care facility which looks after abandoned babies until they are adopted. Huis Mia is solely dependant on donations.